Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Work in progress - Master Bedroom

Patron Saint Bridge 30" x 48"

This is a piece of artwork just purchased for a client's home . The artist is Gretchen Gammell. I particularly
like her newest work which is a whimsical tribute to the "transitions and narratives of modern female life". She uses a muted palette and languid, girlish characters. It is going to hang over the bed in the Master Bedroom on a concrete wall. The draperies are going to be full length silvery gray taffeta silk which will compliment the concrete wall. The bedding will be all white with throw cushions in a bright pink Designers Guild fabric to pick out the color of the flowers in the dress in the artwork. I found really cool lamps for the bedside tables. The bases are covered in birch bark and the shades are chocolate taffeta and sit on a clear lucite base.