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Benjamin Moore Paint and The Color Orange


Tulips Patricia Gray Feb 08
Benjamin Moore Paint and the Color Orange

Orange is a color that is mentally stimulating as well as sociable. Colorists say that it can be used it to get people thinking or to get them talking. What a good color to use in a dining room, library, or child's room.

I purchased this bouquet of Parrot Tulips this weekend while I was shopping at our local market. I was stopped dead in my tracks when my eyes hit upon them. Of all the myriad of flowers on display, these definitely jumped out at me and have been my inspiration for this post.   These flowers will sit on my desk this week and it is my intention that they will enhance my creativity. I hope you find these pictures stimulating.


Hermes orange is a word that conjures up an image in one's mind.
Who would not love to have a lacquered ceiling the color of a Hermes Box like this room that Jeffery Bilhuber has created.

Benjamin Moore Paint 2013-30 Jeweled Peach ekb interiors     Benjamin Moore Paint 2013-30 Jeweled Peach Pieces

Benjamin Moore Paint 2013-30 Jeweled Peach
Try orange with a dash of fuchsia.
EKB Interiors, Pieces

Benjamin Moore Paint 2013-20 Orange Nectar donovanBenjamin Moore Paint 2013-20 Orange Nectar  

Benjamin Moore Paint 2013-20 Orange Nectar
I love the shots of Orange in this otherwise White Room. Notice the skirted table in the background.
Donovan, Elle Decor

Benjamin Moore Paint antonia hutt  Benjamin Moore Paint Tom Scheerer

per·sim·mon (pər-sĭm'ən)

Sometimes only the color of a fruit can conjure up images of a color. Persimmon is one that vividly brings to mind a
whole range of the color orange. How friendly and inviting to paint an entry foyer in this color.
Antonia Hutt, Tom Scheerer

Benjamin Moore Paint 2171-30 antonia hutt Benjamin Moore Paint 2171-30  

Benjamin Moore Paint 2171-30 Adobe Orange  is warm and vibrant
Antonia Hutt, David Hicks

Benjamin Moore Paint  2166-40 Soft Pumpkin

Benjamin Moore Paint  2166-40 Soft Pumpkin
Antonia Hutt

Benjamin Moore Paint  2015-30 Calypso Orange  Benjamin Moore Paint  2015-30 Calypso Orange

Benjamin Moore Paint  2015-30 Calypso Orange
Mecox Garden

rangdecor blogspot
The oranges of India via Rangdecor Blog

Burnhamdesignjaysonhomeandgarden com   vase

Benjamin Moore Paint Mandarin Orange
Burnham Design, Jayson Home and Garden

kwid david hicks
Benjamin Moore Paint Outrageous Orange
KWID, David Hicks

frances-elkins-room4 david hicks  12

blood orange (n.) A sweet orange having pulp that is red or streaked with red
Francis Elkins, David Hicks

davidduncanlivingston  david hicks3

Benjamin Moore Paint 2170-20 Tropical Orange
David Duncan Livingston, David Hicks

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