Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Farrow & Ball Launch 18 New Colors

Farrow & Ball Paint has just introduced 18 new paint colors in their line. I like the Farrow & Ball Paint range because it is complete yet concise. The specification of the product is very clear without too many different finishes or too large a product range to make it confusing. To use, it is just superb, like brushing silk onto the walls. The depth of colour can only be compared to silk, a fibre with a great capacity for pigment.

The product is premixed ensuring good colour matching. Every Farrow & Ball Paint colour is perfect. It is the exact shade or tint that works for a particular colour. The depth of colour and finish is way above all other paints. Every colour is a winner.

I also love the names of the colours; no other product allows you to specify ‘Drab’ and have the result be fabulous! I am especially happy to see the bottom 3 new Farrow & Ball colors: Pelt, Tanners Brown & Pitch Black and can hardly wait to try them. Wimborne White and Skimming Stone will definitely be on my list of new whites to try. I have paired some of these Farrow & Ball colors to pictures that I think might closely approximate the new paint colours in their line, so you can see how they might work in a room setting. Paint is a wonderful avenue for decorating. I always tell my clients that one colour doesn't cost anymore than another, but it can make all the difference in the world.

Farrow & Ball Paint

Farrow & Ball Paint

Farrow & Ball Paint

Farrow & Ball Paint

In rooms like the ones above I would use Farrow & Ball Paint No. 239 Wimborne White to bring out the detail in an all white space.
Photos Scott Yetman

Farrow & Ball Paint dominio

Farrow & Ball Paint No.254 Pelt - A rich plum-brown, would be an elegant and very current choice for this room.

Farrow & Ball Paint elle decor3march 2008

Farrow & Ball Paint No. 264 Cinder Rose for this room - "a fresh mauve colour" with perhaps just a little more pink in it than this picture.

Farrow & Ball Paint

Farrow & Ball Paint No.244 London Clay - the name says it all.

Farrow & Ball Paint eric piasecki photography com

Farrow & Ball Paint No.242 Pavilion Gray - a pretty light gray

Farrow & Ball Paint house beautiful

Farrow & Ball Paint No.249 Lancaster Yellow - a fresh and clean pale yellow

Farrow & Ball Paint bilhuber

Farrow & Ball Paint No.247 Terre D'Egypte - a deliciously warm red-brown terracotta

Farrow & Ball Paint jkcapri com hotel italy

Farrow & Ball Paint No.253 Drawing Room Blue - A traditional ‘salon’ blue, this colour’s clean hue is reminiscent of the pigment Cobalt,
used by artists and discerning decorators ever since its discovery in the 19th century.

Farrow & Ball Paint elle decor

Farrow & Ball Paint No.248 Incarnadine - A rich, crimson red, similar to the red gloss paint used by the late David Hicks
at Baron’s Court in the 1970s.

Farrow & Ball Paint Michael S Smith in book Elements of Style

Farrow & Ball Paint No.240 Cat's Paw - A stylish, yellow-based neutral colour which has an especially soft tone.

Farrow & Ball Paint SheilaBridges

Farrow & Ball Paint No.251 Curlish Green - A yellow-green colour has been used decoratively for centuries,
both on its own and as a ground beneath patterned wallpapers

Farrow & Ball Paint Martha Stewart

Farrow & Ball Paint No.245 Middleton Pink - A very delicate and near-translucent traditional
pale pink which is pretty without being too sugary.

Farrow & Ball Paint JefferyBilhuberInterior2

Farrow & Ball Paint No.255 Tanner's Brown - A dark, earthy brown, considered one of the most timeless of decorative tones.

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