Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Ottomans, Benches, Foot Stools, Hassocks

Ottomans have become a favourite of mine to use in family/media rooms and dens. I like using them for several reasons. First and foremost they serve as the indispensable coffee table. I like to make mine with tight tops and rather flat as opposed to padded with a pillow effect. This way you can set things on top of them without worrying about them toppling over. Secondly you can comfortably set your feet on them and be in a semi-reclining position to watch TV, read or maybe even fall asleep. Thirdly I can have them made any size to fit the requirements of the room. This is a real benefit because large coffee tables are hard to find and are more costly than having an ottoman custom designed for the space. In the space below the ottoman is made out of deep chocolate brown faux Ostrich. This family has two young daughters and they use the ottoman to color on and do their craft projects and have snacks. Spills can be wiped up easily, and the deep brown faux ostrich adds and a nice textural interest and makes a dramatic center focal point for the room.

Laurel 8408
Patricia Gray Inc. Photo Roger Brooks

Laurel 8393
Patricia Gray Inc. Photo Roger Brooks
These ottomans (in the same house as the photo above) go against my tight top rule, but who couldn't resist sitting down in this den and putting your feet up on a down filled leather pillow top ottoman.

Louie 13

Patricia Gray Inc. Photo Roger Brooks

Gray-Louie 4A LG

This ottoman is large by ottoman standards 5 feet by 3 1/2 feet. It is covered in Holly Hunt, Hair on Hide Leather, in a creamy butterscotch color. It was made long so 3 people sitting on the sofa could all put their feet up on it, and I made it deep enough to that there was still room at the back for the inevitable books, magazines, remote controls and trays for snacks and drinks. It also doubles as extra seating for parties. What coffee table has that much versatility?

pat_gray_homer_1 Patricia Gray Inc. Photo Gary Beale
The Ottoman in this penthouse I had made in charcoal gray Beacon Hill "Pashmina". It is soft and luxurious like a Cashmere blanket and makes a nice warming contrast to the leather sofa. It sits on top of the same color of Belgium wool area carpet. Facing the sofa is the view with the TV hung and framed between the windows. Where else do you put the TV in a room that is all windows & view.

Patricia Gray Inc. Photo Gary Beale

Below are some more designs for ottomans, benches, foot stools, and hassocks that I like.

tufted bench1 tufted bench5

tufted bench3 tufted bench4

tufted bench tufted bench.jpg2

madeline stuart greek key ottoman Tangier hassock michaelbermanlimited  ottomans

Madeline Stuart Greek Key Ottoman Tangier Hassock by Michael Berman