Sunday, January 11, 2009

Billy Baldwin's Slipper Chair

Probably no other piece has stood the test of time more than Billy Baldwin's classic and iconic Slipper Chair.  He was said to have designed it according to Mitchell Owen's article in the New York Times , for Pauline de Rothschild's  5' 9" lanky frame in mind thus making it easier for her to strike a pose and extend her long legs, and it also happens to be a a chair that men feel comfortable sitting in - which is not a small feat.

Billy Baldwin's most famous piece his slipper chair is show in some photos below.

slipper chairs

Bill Baldwin Slipper Chair / House Beautiful November 1999

slipper chairs

Slipper Chair Home and Design Winter 2002

slipper chairs

Slipper Chairs House Beautiful October 1995

slipper chairs
Slipper Chairs close-up detail

slipper chairs

Slipper Chairs Veranda June 2002

slipper chairs

Slipper Chair Elle Decor May 2001

slipper chairs

Slipper chair in Billy Baldwin's apartment via Peak of Chic

slipper chairs slipper chairs

Large Slipper chair & Dining Room Slipper Chair by Ventry


You can read more about Billy Baldwin.  His book is being reissued on Amazon February 2009 and is available for pre-order.

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