Tuesday, July 21, 2009

LoftLife Magazine

For those of you who haven't checked out the magazine LoftLife Magazine - The Loft Style Guide to Life in the City, it is a must read. And I don't say that only because I am on their 'Board of Experts' - the Editors and Creative Directors at LoftLife Magazine are top notch. Their style and editorials are fresh, relevant and timely. Last fall Kyra Shapurji, Managing Editor and Linden Hass, Photo Editor of LoftLife Magazine paid me a visit at my office in Vancouver to firm up a feature they were doing on favourite shopping spots of mine and a few other Design Professionals in Vancouver (see Spring 2009 Travel/80 Victorious Vancouver: Canada's design & architecture capital.) Linden Hass shot a few pictures of me and the drawing below is what resulted.

LoftLife Magazine
Board of Experts

I love the illustrations for LoftLife Magazine done by the talented Graham Smith from San Diego. He illustrates the masthead and the Panel of Experts for LoftLife Magazine. This month LoftLife Magazine is going to be on national newsstands: Borders, Barnes and Noble, as well as Hudson News. So pick-up your copy and read their articles. In the current Summer 2009 issue of LoftLife Magazine I particularly like:
  • LoftLife - Allure of Amsterdam: Dutch Design Beyond Droog. (I am lusting to visit Amsterdam)
  • LoftLife - Paper or Plastic? (really gets you thinking and hopefully acting)
  • LoftLife - Big Blank Wall: The mirrors on our minds. ( Love this round-up of mirrors)
    among others..........
    LoftLife Magazine also has a great Blog.

    Happy Reading!
    Please let me know if you have read a copy of LoftLife magazine and what you think of it by leaving a

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