Monday, February 2, 2009

Abstract Art - Go Big or Go Home

"Interiors are motivation; and they speak louder than voices. People are searching for spiritual experiences. Environments featuring art and design can provide those experiences." Mary V. Knackstedt from A Schematic Life

In the past year (2008) I have noticed a proliferation of large scale abstract art being used in living rooms and dining rooms. The effect is bold and dramatic and creates a strong focal point in a room. Most of the rooms shown in the pictures below are large in scale architecturally and benefit from a strong focal point. Over scale in size shows abstract art to it's very best. Abstract art is non-representational and lets an eclectic array of furnishings and accessories stand on their own merits as works of art. Abstract art is beautiful and organic in nature...... Enjoy the slide show.

Definition of Abstract Art: A cluster of theoretical ideas lies behind abstract art. The idea of art for art's sake – that art should be purely about the creation of beautiful effects. The idea that art can or should be like music – that just as music is patterns of sound, art's effects should be created by pure patterns of form, colour and line. The idea, derived from the ancient Greek philosopher Plato, that the highest form of beauty lies not in the forms of the real world but in geometry. The idea that abstract art, to the extent that it does not represent the material world, can be seen to represent the spiritual. In general abstract art is seen as carrying a moral dimension, in that it can be seen to stand for virtues such as order, purity, simplicity and spirituality.

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photography Jen Wong1 untitled28 Bilhuber

Left Photography Jen Wong / Right Jeffery Bilhuber


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