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8 Top Ceiling Treatments

Top Ceiling Treatments

Ceilings left untreated are one of my pet peeves. Walls and floors get all the attention. Why are ceilings neglected, when they are one of the largest surfaces in a room and are a perfect opportunity for adding an extra dimension to the room.
1. Faux Finish Ceiling Treatment - Add interest to your ceiling treatment by painting on a pattern or a Faux Finish.
Ceiling Treatment ceiling medallin
2. Medallion Ceiling Treatment - A ceiling medallion treatment is usually in the form of an ornate rosette. Most are round, but for something unique they are also available square or oval. It can be an interesting feature to add to a contemporary setting.
 Ceiling Treatment Design Inc Ceiling Treatment Ginger Barber House Beautiful
3. Tudor Style Ceiling Treatment - This ceiling treatment can look equally good in a modern setting or a traditional setting.
Ceiling Treatment Parlor Steakhouse in NYC
4. Honeycomb Ceiling Treatment - A contrasting honeycomb pattern adds drama and focus to this ceiling treatment.
Ceiling Treatments Budapest www suto hu
5. Contemporary Dropped Ceiling Treatment - This home from Budapest uses a contemporary ceiling treatment by varying heights & geometric patterns. Notice the square recessed pot lights.
 Ceiling Treatments Jenna Lyons Domino
6. Painted Ceiling Treatment - Painted stripes on this ceiling treatment. This is fun and creates visual interest on the ceiling.

Ceiling Treatments  
ceiling treatments Ceiling Treatments
7.  Coffered Ceiling Treatment - Coffered ceiling treatments are an great way to add architectural focus to your ceiling.
Pressed Tin Ceiling Treatmemt
8. Pressed Tin Ceiling Treatment - See Architectural Depot for some great Tin Ceiling Tiles
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