Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Turquoise Aquamarine

Turquoise Aquamarine These are some of my favourite pictures I have been collecting
throughout the year of this beautiful color:
Turquoise Aquamarine
Enjoy !

Turquoise Aquamarine Dominio 
Farrow & Ball Lulworth Blue

Turquoise Aquamarine Dominio
Farrow & Ball Cooks Blue

Turquoise Aquamarine Dominio
Farrow & Ball Chinese Blue

Turquoise Aquamarine Metropolitan Home
Farrow & Ball Stone Blue

Turquoise Aquamarine
Farrow & Ball Blue Ground

The color family of Turquoise and Aquamarine has more to do with feeling and creative expression than with rational thought. These colors between green and blue the shades of turquoise, blue green and aquamarine relate to transformation, evolution, change. Aquamarine: stimulates the intellect and stabilizes the emotions, improves confidence, and the ability to stand fast, helps communication. Turquoise: supportive and protective, heals the spirit, soothing, increases contentment.

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