Friday, January 25, 2008

{ The Art of Chic Flower Arranging }

These are some images of flower arrangements that caught my eye on my latest trip to LA and Dallas. I was attracted to these because of their simplicity and freshness. I always prefer flower arrangements to be showcased as a single variety and of the same color. And of course you can never go wrong with an all white flower arrangement. I keep an assortment of different sizes and shapes of clear glass containers in my pantry ready to put any length of fresh stems in. Make sure to cut the bottoms 1/2" off the stems before you put them in water. It will help to keep them fresher longer.

A simple bunch of lilies in a clear footed vase sitting on a bathroom countertop at Country Floors showroom on Melrose in LA.

Another arrangement at Bunches of Stocks in the Lobby of our Hotel in Dallas, simply tied and put in a vase on a base of charcoal.

Roses beside the elevator in our Hotel in Dallas. The bottom of the vase is filled with charcoal. The vases are stacked on top of each other with nothing holding them together other than their weight.

Roses floating in vases at the Global Views Showroom in Dallas.
This is a close up of the Sun Ray Wall Sconce in the above Photo show here in Nickel.