Monday, January 14, 2008

LA Pacific Design Center & Dallas Market Center

I'm off to LA & Dallas this week. Three days in LA. I am planning to go to the Pacific Design Center and visit various showrooms in the adjacent area. Then to Dallas for the Market for two days. In Dallas I am going to meet up with Joni of Cote de Texas fame. We have never met in person....

I, of course, will take loads of pictures and notes to share with you when I return.

And for the International readers of my Blog I have added a translator in my Side Bar to make it easier for you to read my Blog in your native language. Let me know how you like it. I was inspired by the Blog Perfect Bound to add this Google Widget. It is easy to do. Click on the link under the box that says Gadgets and Google will walk you through it.

Felicity from All things Bright and Beautiful has just started a great new series of posts for people new to blogging. Where to store photos, how to insert different fonts, code - you name it she wants to share the knowledge. Send tips or questions her way to improve your blog's look and make your blogging life so much easier. You can also check out some great tips for New Bloggers (and it can also benefit those of us who have been blogging for awhile) at a site called Pro Blogger.

I'll be back posting next week.