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15 Top Contemporary Staircase Designs

Contemporary or modern stair design can be gloriously simple using clean lines or gracefully curved. Staircases are such an important element in a home as they are usually the first thing that you see when you enter a home and are so frequently used.

Most modern staircase design is meticulously detailed, exposing all the working elements and eschewing trim, moldings, and other decoration. Because this type of stair is meant to be viewed as if it were a piece of sculpture, it looks best in an open space where the entire structure is visible.

I have long had a fascination for staircases. They are one of the most challenging elements I have to deal with in my practice and one of the most expensive to detail correctly. One of my pet peeves is wall to wall carpet on stairs. I prefer to use runners or leave the stairs bare if at all possible. In my last renovation for a client, I removed the carpet on their open staircase and replaced it with 2 inch thick slabs of 100 year old reclaimed Asian teak. The reclaimed teak has a beautiful patina and you see it's solid thickness as you traverse up and down the staircase.

The best reference book I have in my library is Staircase Design. Although it is out of print, there are a few used books available on Amazon. 
Staircases: Design & Construction and Stairscaping are also noteworthy. 

image image image

Arménio Losa, Arquitecto flickr 
This graceful staircase by Armenio Losa (above & below) makes me want to run my hand along the curved hand rail, or slide down it. 

flickr Arménio Losa, Arquitecto

Bo Bedre

caldwell beebe interiors 

                                                                                                                 Caldwell Beebe Interiors

david schefer
The side detailing of this staircase shows off the solid thickness of the treads and risers. David Schefer

architectural stairs company 

                                                                                                              Architectural Stairs Company


David Pontingar Architecture 


Jennifer Post
leonia brown 

                                                                                                                           Leonie Brown

White bright airy hallway glass staircase black and white zig zag pattered rug front door L etc 09/2007 pub orig
Living Etc

Living Etc

magni design com
Magni Design 
Renwick above and below


Thom Filicia
alberto pinto
I love how the circular design of the staircase is repeated in the flooring. Alberto Pinto


This is one of my favourite staircases. I love the cantilevered slabs projecting from the rough concrete wall.
Steven Ehrlich

Addendum March 13 2009

The Blue Fin Restaurant W Times Square Wall Surface Interiors
Interior design Yabu Pushellberg via A Schematic Life

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