Sunday, March 8, 2009

My Visit to Palm Springs

I have just returned from a much needed vacation in Palm Springs. The dry, sunny desert climate was a welcome and refreshing relief from the damp and cold winter we have had in Vancouver. I swam every morning in 94 degree mineral spring pools (plural). Where I was staying had 9 pools in total. The benefits of these naturally occurring mineral pools are many and I felt the stress I had accumulated in my body melting away.

Palm Springs 135

This was a view of the palm trees surrounding the pool. I took this picture while I was floating in the pool.

Palm Springs 3 003 Palm Springs 3 003

The mountains in the desert have a beauty all their own. Next time I go, I am inspired to paint them. They are the most beautiful in the early morning and just before sunset when the shadows are the strongest and highlight all the contours.

Palm Springs 156

I picked oranges right off the tree. The taste and smell was the best.

Palm Springs 210 Palm Springs 211 The desert flowers were in full bloom.

I will post more this week on some of the highlights of my trip:

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